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Tassiar Shadowlord:   Tassiar was born in the Dark Ages in the region of Mesopotamia.  In his mortal  life, he was Kinfolk to the Shadow Lord Garou. He  had several siblings, some of  which were also embraced. One sister  was embraced by a Salubri. Another, by a  Malkavian. His brother  was embraced by the same Gangrel who embraced Tassiar.  Tassiar  has spent nearly all of his un-life in voluntary Torpor to try and  hide  from what he has become. He is extremely protective of all  the women in his  life, espicially those from his family line which  will die with them. Tassiar  had a wife in his mortal years who  was killed when their village was attacked  and didn't have the  chance to bear him any children. Now, Tassiar is involved with a woman he met and embraced to save her from another Vamp.

Faydwer: Faydwer recently discovered that she's a Bastet of the panther variety and has been in panther form nearly all the time since. Faydwer was raped by her father and his buddies from the time she was 8 till the time she turned 19. A couple weeks after her 19th birthday, she grabbed a few clothes and took off, never having gone home since. She keeps in contact with a well-off relative through reliable sources who supplies her with money and anything else she may require.

Kyrule Evans: Kyrule is a rather interesting person... He has been training since child-hood in all forms of martial-arts and has excelled in all. He pays particular focus to Ninjitzu and his abilities with his twin Katanas. Kyrule's sensei was Kinfolk to the Bone Gnawers and fused his soul with Kyrule upon his death. Kyrule himself, comes from a long line of powerful Mages though his own capabilities are more limited. Kyrule is a high ranking member of the GSG. The GSG are the Green Serpent Guard responsible for the complete safety of the chairman of Nagato Corporation. Nagato Corporation is a Japanese company which is quickly spreading around the globe.