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I can be reached on Yahoo Messenger as nick_brewer, or, on MSN as
ATM, I can not be reached on Yahoo or MSN.

Below are some links I've added. Check them out sometime if you want.

I've moved most of my pictures to another page.

Theme has a lot of desktop themes for downloading.

Check out the White Wolf website if you're a fan of any of their products. Some of their products are; Vampire: The Masquerade. Trinity, Werewolf: The Apocolypse, Mage: The Acension, and their newest one, Exalted. You can order their games, or join their World Of Darkness chatroom. Do you need a free e-mail account? Free e-mail!!

What's New?

I'm currently in the process of more-or-less totally re-doing my site. there will be many changes.